Saturday, 26 November 2011

From Hawksbill Turtles to Spotted Eagle Rays

Our last dive of the live aboard trip was definitely one to remember! I was just behind Andrew and above the edge of the wall. I saw a hawksbill turtle coming from the side and since it’s not really common to see turtles I desperately tried to get Andrew’s attention. But he was looking forward so I raced up to him, grabbed onto his tank, gave it a good shake and then raced back in the other direction.

Earlier in the week when Andrew had spotted a turtle he got a few good photos and then everyone else came in and started flashing away and the turtle quickly swam away. This time, I made no other motion to attract people’s attention, giving Andrew as much time as possible to take photos and not bother the turtle too much. Eventually every one else saw it and you couldn’t get close but for all the cameras of the paparazzi!

Dive master Brandt was off on his own watching the chaos when a spotted eagle ray came up along the wall and underneath him. Having already backed off from the turtle, Andrew and I were the only other ones who got to see it. The one & only spotted eagle ray we saw the whole trip. Amazing, graceful and beautiful! 

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