Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Highlights of Haida Gwaii - Part 2

Eagles and many other birds and wildlife -- Eagles and Ravens were the most frequent birds that we saw. Suitably so since Haida people come from either the Eagle clan or the Raven clan. There were lots of other shore birds including sandhill cranes; we saw sea lions during our hike around Cape Fife and think we might have seen dolphins in the distance as well. There were lots of tiny deer along the highway between Skidegate and Masset. Andrew will have lots of great photos to post once he gets through them all!
Great views and some ripe thimble berries!

Some really great coffee shops! 

Jags Beanstalk is just a mile from the ferry terminal in Skidegate. Great view of the ocean, home cooked breakfast and baking, wifi . . . what more could you ask for? Well, we did ask for more . . . a room for our last night (they have three rooms for rent over the coffee shop) but they booked us for the wrong day. They felt awful about it though and made several phone calls to find us another place. We were really not looking forward to a night in the tent when it was pouring rain!

The Grounds is located in Masset. Great coffee/tea, fresh made muffins and yummy (but sweet) granola bars. 

Moon Over Naikoon Bakery is located along a dirt road, not far from where we started our hike. We were coming out on a Sunday morning and saw a couple vehicles parked out front so thought we’d give it a try. We were a bit damp and cold from hiking through a bit of drizzle and this place was so welcoming, toasty warm, and fresh cinnamon buns were just out of the oven! And it does a booming business. The lady was making a second batch before we left! 
From the road, this is the only hint that there's a bakery nearby.
Bakery hidden in the trees just a few yards away! 

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