Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Inside Passage

Fifteen hours on a ferry seems like a long time. But it was a very beautifully scenic 15 hours!

We took the ferry from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy via the Inside Passage. You're never out of sight of land as it's quite narrow in most places but the land drops off sharply into the water, reaching depths of more than 1,600 feet. Hence the ability for big boats to get through this passage.

Ethereal morning fog, mountains of trees, jagged rock, waterfalls, abandoned fishing villages, some active fishing and logging communities, sunshine, and eventually a colourful sunset . . . punctuated by several humpback whale sightings. A couple of the whales splashed around for several minutes which was very entertaining! Unfortunately, not close enough to get much for photos but luckily we had binoculars with us.

Our route and highlights of the route:

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