Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Train Trip 2013 -- Seattle to Salinas & Monterey

The Amtrak Station in Seattle is nearing the end of a very, very long (10+ years) renovation project! It was built in 1906 but in the 1960's "The ornate plaster ceiling of the waiting room was covered for the next three decades by a fabricated, lowered false ceiling. Handsome metal chandeliers were replaced by florescent lighting and marble and mosaics on the wall were covered with plastic laminate."

False ceiling and plastic laminate covering marble?!?!? Seriously, someone should have been shot for doing this!
Seattle Train Station
The train south from Seattle seems just a little bit more upscale than the one from Minot to Seattle. There's a separate "parlour" car (with movie theatre) for sleeper class only. There were cloth table cloths and real cups and glasses at lunch and "greenware" eco-friendlier, made from vegetables, glasses for our welcome glass of champagne!

The excitement on this train was the drunken, drugged up couple (throwing f-bombs, yelling at each other and pretty much everyone else) who eventually got kicked off at Eugene, Oregon. A long way from their intended stop!

From Salinas we took the bus out to Monterey as we wanted to go to the aquarium -- one of the best anywhere! And I would have to agree with that assessment. We spent the entire day there from 10 a.m. when it opened to 4 p.m. with only a short break for lunch. It was great to see how much they emphasize protecting the ocean environment, all the things that live in the ocean, best fishing practices, and what fish and seafood are sustainable to eat. It is also one of the most kid friendly aquariums we've been to. Lots of very interactive displays -- which these two adults liked as well!
5 Eels and 3 Shrimp
See Andrew's excellent photos from the aquarium and other Monterey locales.

We stayed at the very lovely old Green Gables Inn (B&B), right beside the ocean and a running/walking/biking path with fabulous views in all directions. Very nice breakfast; wine & cheese served each afternoon.

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