Sunday, 23 June 2013

Kayaks and Wildlife - Anglin Lake

With Andrew & Penny's sister, Clare, visiting from Victoria, we decided to take a 4-day family trip up to Anglin Lake. The weather was a real mix of sun, cloud and rain but we still managed several short kayak outings. 
Beautiful calm waters on Anglin Lake
Andrew and his sisters, Penny & Clare
A momma bear and her three very little cubs were frequent visitors around our cabins in the evenings but unfortunately this was likely due to garbage containers not being secured properly. There was a huge metal construction trash bin nearby that momma bear jumped in & out of with ease. Prior to seeing the bears we'd noted that it smelled like someone had also disposed of their food garbage here. And just outside our cabins was a wooden frame with an empty metal garbage can that the bears knocked over and pushed around. Despite this, it was fun watching the antics of the little ones but we hope their familiarization with garbage doesn't have a negative impact on them. We did let the property managers know of our concerns -- they seemed to not know about the bears.
Geese and their goslings on Anglin Lake
A goose was here.
Spring is definitely baby season in the outdoors. We saw several geese families with their baby goslings. The little ones are hilarious! Near the marina at Waskesiu there was a family in the water. The mother came up onto the ground and up over a dock area, probably about 4-6 inches in height. One by one the goslings managed to walk or jump (depending on size) up onto the platform. But one little guy just couldn't do it. He'd stand at the bottom, pump his legs and fling himself upwards only to slip off the edge. Over and over again. Then he'd go back into the water, momma would squawk at him to get back and try again. This happened several times . . . with the McKinlay clan watching and cheering him on. By the time we left, I'm not sure if I was laughing more at the gosling or the clan!

We also saw several baby deer and elk along the highway and turned into those annoying tourists who go really, really slowly or park their vehicle to watch the animals as if they've never one before. As Andrew took photos (and directed me to back up, go forward, stop, etc.) Penny, Clare & I instructed the deer and/or elk to put their heads up, pay attention to the paparazzi and assured them that photo release documents were being sent to their email accounts and that we'd send photos they could post on their Facebook pages and tweet out to all their friends. Yes, we had some good laughs! 

All in all, it was a great few days. 
Evening at Anglin Lake
Sunset on Anglin Lake
Clare at Hanging Hearts Lake
Beaver artwork by the boardwalk around Waskesiu River
Andrew & Clare
Andrew & I
Clare & Andrew on Anglin Lake
Anglin Lake

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