Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Food Basket Challenge Experience

I started thinking about having my own blog when I was asked to take part in the Food Basket Challenge – to live off the contents of a food basket from the Saskatoon Food Bank for a week (Sept 13 - 19, 2011) and blog about my experiences. I didn’t get my act together in time to copy my posts to a blog of my own (had a bit of trouble coming up with a blog name that wasn’t already spoken for) but really found the whole process incredibly interesting, including the blogging!

Here are my Food Basket Challenge posts in chronological order . . . kept here for posterity!

Expectations - What I "think" the week is going to be like. 

Motivation - Why am I doing this???? 

Food Prices and Another Challenge - "She has a spreadsheet!" my friend Deirdra says! In hindsight, this post shows some of my ignorance as to what I'll get in my food basket. 

Pleasantly Surprised - Expecting Worse - Our food baskets were better than expected! Well, for the first few days anyway! 

Sleepless Night - The obsession gets going full steam ahead! 

Dumpster Diving - Thank goodness this is as close as I got! 

Lentils - One way to use lentils. Here's another. 

What Does Poverty Look Like? - There is such a wide range! 

Living the Challenge - People share the "real" life experience. 

Long Day - Two events to volunteer at! 

Similarities and Differences - How Food Basket meals differed from "normal" meals. 

A Peach! - Mmmmm, a lovely peach! 

Shelley & Ann at the Friendship Inn - Thanks Jackie for going with me! 

On Being Vegetarian - And trying to live a Food Basket diet. Also includes a list of what I ate all week. 

The Answers??? (I'm all out of catchy titles too!) - Answering some followup questions from the windup forum held at the Indian & Metis Friendship Centre on Sept 20. 

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