Saturday, 31 December 2011

By The Label

I love a glass of really good wine. But it's always more interesting when the bottle it comes in has a fun and funky label and/or name.

A few years ago on our way to rock climb in the Needles of South Dakota, we stopped in Hill City at Prairie Berry Winery. We sampled and picked up a couple bottles of Red Ass Rhubarb -- which started out as a "mistake" when the winemaker added raspberries but is now one of their most popular wines. It really does have a distinct rhubarb flavour which I love.

We stopped there again last fall and this time brought home a bottle of Three Rednecks (cabernet sauvignon) and one of Phat Hogg (chardonnay). Again, very cool labels!

Naked Winery (located in Oregon) has tasting rooms both in Hill City and in Custer. We sampled several wines with very sexually suggestive names but settled on Diva and Oh! to bring home.

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