Saturday, 28 April 2012

Climbers, Mountain Sheep and Valley of Fire

On a rest day recently we went out to Valley of Fire State Park. Very colourful! I'm being a lazy blogger and just putting a link to Andrew's post and photos.  :-)

The last two days have involved trad multi-pitch climbs. We've been climbing for 8 out of the last 10 days so I'm very tired! A good tired but at this point happy to be moving on to some hiking in the next few days.

My first lead yesterday involved a knuckle munching corner crack so, added to all the other climbing recently, my hands are a bit stiff and sore today! Yep, left some blood behind on that pitch!

Both days we encountered lots of Desert Mountain Sheep on the way into the climbs. They are very good climbers!

Speaking of good climbers . . . Can you pick out the two climbers in the next photo?  

How about now?? This was across the valley from where we were climbing -- on something much easier!

Very impressive!! 

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