Saturday, 22 December 2012

Dreaming in Spanish

One of my retirement projects is trying to learn to speak Spanish. With significant emphasis on the word "trying"!!!

While driving down to Mexico in September, Andrew and I listened to the Michel Thomas Spanish course. You can learn Spanish in 10 hours! You'll listen, absorb, then speak. It simply works like magic! 

Ha, ha! Call me a skeptic but I knew it couldn't be that easy. And it's not! Although the Michel Thomas method is easy to listen to and probably the best course we've come across . . . it's still not easy (at least not for me!) and requires lots of repetition.

Andrew came across Duolingo recently which also gets good reviews and which I'm finding quite fun. Even though I've apparently "mastered" the lessons on food, animals, plurals and possessives, I still have trouble sometimes remembering when to use la, el, las, los, and when verbs end in o, e, en, es, or mos, and so on.

Yes, I know there are "rules" but as Mr. Thomas will tell you, "In Spanish it is always this way . . . except when there is an exception!"  Sigh . . .

Yesterday I spent more time than usual at my Spanish studies going over and over the Duolingo plurals and possessives lessons, which comes after the food and animal lessons.

Los gatos beben leche.

El oso come pescado.

Mi perro come pan.

I hope that dreaming about it last night means that it's finally sinking into my brain!

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