Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Annoying or Humourous?

After Andrew's rant earlier this week about biking/walking trails in Saskatoon, I couldn't resist taking a couple photos this afternoon.

This is near the Lawson Civic Centre, cutting across from the cul de sac at the north end of Ravine Drive. This "unofficial path" has a ramp at the end. I have to admit, it looks like an unofficial ramp too. But the other end of this unofficial path has a ramp due to a now closed-off alleyway.

The "official" path does not have a ramp at either end. I mean, really . . . It's not like anyone who rides a bike, a parent with a child in a stroller, or someone confined to a wheelchair would want to use this path anyway, right? So why bother making it easier or nicer for people?

These two paths run parallel and about 16 paces apart from each other. 

I can't decide if I should be annoyed or be humoured by this.

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