Friday 26 July 2013

Prince Rupert Wall Murals

Prince Rupert has some amazingly beautiful (and large!) wall murals. There are apparently about 10 of them in the downtown area. We didn't see them all and some are difficult to get clear photos of without other buildings or wires in the way. All of these were done by wildlife artist Jeff King from Nanaimo. Obviously a very talented man!

Eagle mural on the Crest Hotel (darn building in the way of a decent photo!)
Rona building - mural wraps around the left side of the building
(wires in the way of a decent photo!)

There's also some really nice parks in & around the city and a colourful sunken garden behind the courthouse. 

At the sunken garden
See Andrew's blog for more photos at the sunken gardens.

One of the views along the Butze Rapids Trail

A favourite spot on the drive to Prince Rupert was the ancient forest (now a protected area), just east of Prince George.

See Andrew's blog for more photos of the Ancient Forest. 


  1. Hi Shelley
    I came across your site looking for Jeff King's murals in Prince Rupert. I want to point out that the Killer Whale mural is actually on the Rona Building. As far as the power lines on the top, i suggest a nice crop which will clean it up nicely. I also must say that your rainforest images are gorgeous. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Den. I didn't check what the building was when we were there and Johnny's Machine Shop was the only likely building I could find mentioned on the Internet as having a mural. I will make the change. Thanks again!