Saturday, 15 November 2014

Kanchenjunga Trek - Bridges and Waterfalls

High cliffs with massive amounts of water flowing down them. River crossings in various states of repair from brand new to . . . should I really trust this?

The sheer number of waterfalls and bridges was another very unique aspect of our Kanchenjunga trek. Ghunsa was the only village on the trek that had hydroelectricity but Raj talked a bit about how it is increasing in Nepal (a Google search shows many articles about the vast potential for hydro power) and the sheer number of rivers and speed of the rivers and tributaries we saw certainly supports this.

There were many of these "swing bridges" which were often very long. They felt quite stable when you were the only one on it but when several people were moving across, it bounced and it was a bit disconcerting to not know exactly when your feet were going to make contact with the surface as you put your foot down. I was quite thankful for lots of experience with height and exposure!
Raj and Andrew

There were also several bridges in the process of being built. Scaffolding is just a bit different than what we would see at home! 

And there were many other types of bridges as required and various states of repair!

Kumar on the swing bridge with open sides

I know Andrew will have much better waterfall photos than these but until he gets through his bazillion trekking photos . . .

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