Friday, 7 November 2014

Paragliding in Darjeeling

We couldn't have picked a better day if we'd tried. Paragliding on the one day of our stay in Darjeeling that it didn't cloud over by mid morning. In other words . . . amazing views of both Darjeeling and Kanchenjunga!

Darjeeling is situated on several steep hills. There is one main street through the city and several other narrow crowded streets branching off. Some corners so sharp they require 3-point turns. It's a crazy mess of honking vehicles and people either rushing or meandering in all directions. I had no idea how to show or express this but I think the photos below give at least a bit of perspective.

From the centre of town we drove up yet another steep hill with a driver and our two paragliding pilots. As we were putting on the harnesses, my pilot, Harish, gave me some great advice. In halting English he said, "During flight, don't touch buckles." I burst out laughing. Don't worry! I won't touch any buckles!
Andrew all suited up
Andrew went first so I was able to get some photos of his takeoff and first few moments of flight
Run, run, run!
Up, up and away!

Andrew's red & white canopy near top centre of photo blends in with the city.
The shadow of my canopy can be seen near the bottom,.
Chowastra Square - the square and amphitheatre at top centre was crowded every evening for cultural entertainment.
Our hotel is the green roofed building in the top right.
Selfie with my pilot Harish
Kanchenjunga, Darjeeling and my feet.

Checking out the landing zone.
Crazy, winding streets
Whew! Back on stable ground.
Andrew landed first and got some photos of me coming in for the landing. In one of them I look scared half to death! It would be humorous if it wasn't so soon after Harish figured a bit of "zig-zag" (his words) would make the trip more exciting. Sheesh!

The paragliding was a great fun and definitely one of the best ways to see this particular city. This is the second time we've done something like this and I highly recommend it!

Andrew's blog post and photos here.


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