Friday, 14 February 2014

Red Rock Canyon - Part 2

Day 4 - Climbing gear store, Springs Preserve (Andrew took lots of photos!), movie (Gravity starring Sandra Bullock) in Imax 3D, REI and then one of the nicest restaurants we've found in the Summerlin neighbourhood of Vegas, the Vintner Grill.

Day 5 - more sport climbs. We finished the day with this easy two-pitch route at Sandstone Quarry that was half light coloured rock and half red rock. And it had about a 10 minute approach walk from the parking lot. Ideal!

Day 6 - Olive Oil. A 3-star, 5-pitch trad route in Juniper Canyon.
Andrew at the top of pitch 2. Great gear placements but I was cursing him by the time I got up there because I had to use the nut tool to get out nearly every single piece of gear he put in. Very frustrating!
And it was very hot in full sun so the heat was making me a bit cranky as well.  :-(
This was my view from the top of pitch 3 as Andrew led around the corner and up pitch 4.
Not quite so cranky any more.
I led pitch 5, the very long (200 ft) but very fun crack/chimney pitch to the top
(the "obvious" crack just right of centre and left of the highest point in the photo).
Not cranky at all after that! :-)
On the last little uphill back to the car. Great sky pattern and colours.
Day 7 - more sport climbs and despite the fact that we were getting tired and sore from climbing, we did our hardest routes of the week today! 

A sad and lonely looking palm tree. 

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