Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Discovery Park - Seattle

Discovery Park is a little slice of quiet in the hustle and bustle of Seattle. Just a 30-minute bus ride from downtown, the park has several miles of trails. After a day of shopping I was ready for something a little more peaceful. Andrew is at a computer conference for three days so I've got some time to myself.

I spent the better part of the day hiking the trails, meandering along the rocky beach and playing with the attachable iPhone camera lenses that Andrew had gotten as a freebie from one of the vendors at the conference.

Lots of different kinds of birds and great views.
A snake on the trail (I was a bit too slow with the camera to get his whole body.)
A variety of terrain . . . meadows, forest, beaches.
The lenses were a bit finicky to deal with but definitely provided for some different photos than what I normally take. 

Wide angle lens helped to get more of the tall trees into the photo.

The fisheye lens provides a unique perspective.
Fisheye plus "noir" filter.

Fisheye vs regular photo -- definitely a different perspective. 

I found the macro lens the hardest to use. You have to get really close, hold the camera very steady and have a non-moving subject. The photos I tried to take of plants didn't turn out very well due to the slight breeze. 
Tree bark
A nail in wooden step.

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