Monday, 30 May 2016

Driving the Coast

The first three days of our holiday have been filled with rain, clouds, snow and hail. Other than hail and rain that made us pull off the main highway and stop for a while, none of it diminished the fabulous views. In fact, the snow only enhanced it. 

From Chilliwack, we made our way down through Washington State on secondary highways (which are always more scenic than the interstates!), across Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands and had impeccable timing to catch the ferry over to Port Townsend. From there we meandered down the Olympic Peninsula, following along the Hood Canal, across to the coast, and over the very long bridge to Astoria, Oregon.

On the ferry to Port Townsend
Trying not to get blown off the front of the ferry!
Arriving in Port Townsend
View of the bay from our lunch stop.
Beautiful drive along the water. 
Crossing the bridge into Oregon.
So graceful!
Today the sun is shining and we're headed to the beach with our wings.

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