Thursday, 29 September 2016

Flying Zell am See

We spent the past two days in Zell am See, Austria. Excellent flights. Andrew did two each day; I only did one on the first day as the wind had picked up later in the afternoon and Nick figured rotor hazard would be higher, both of which were more than I was comfortable with.

We're with a group of 10 people including Nick (our fearless leader) and one non-flying spouse. It's a good group with various experience levels so I'm sure I'll learn lots from others as the days go on. Andrew and a couple of the other pilots had particularly good first flights here and headed cross country; Andrew turned around and got back to the LZ, one went further and didn't quite make it back to LZ and the third got about 40 km up the valley. It was quite easy for them to find somewhere to land.

So far we haven't had much time to spare between two flights per day, waiting for gondolas, gondola rides, waiting for pick up (Nick has to get down the gondola again and then drive to the LZ) and having a quick bite to eat so this post will mostly just be photos. And mostly in illogical order since then were taken over multiple flights.
The view from one of the launch points. It was a bit nerve wracking (for me, at least!) thinking about getting around all the buildings and ski lift lines before you could get higher and out to clearer terrain. It all worked out fine.
In the air and looking back at launch.
The LZ right in the middle of the photo. If you look close you can see a blue wing laid out where someone has just landed.
Andrew coming in for landing.
At launch on  the "other side" of the peak. Steven taking off; Andrew waiting to go next. From here you had to make a quick left and get around to the front side and toward the LZ.
Andrew making the left turn to get out in front.
Arriving at launch. Nick pointing out various options.
Looking back towards Zell am See and the lake on the right.
Gorgeous view of the mountains across the valley.
Up valley where pilots can go cross country and find a place to land.
Train stop at the LZ.
A couple tandem pilots in the air.
Another view of the LZ.
We were done early enough one day that we caught the last boat ride of the day around the lake. More great views!

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