Saturday, 12 November 2016

Monaco and Nice

After finishing our hike, we thought we might spend some more time in Calvi. But further into the off season, the town pretty much shuts down. It was a very deserted place so we headed back to Nice for a couple extra days there. 

The first full day, we took the train to Monaco to go to the aquarium and added another new place to our list of countries visited. The aquarium (or more formally -- The Oceanographic Museumis housed in a huge elaborate building built right on the cliffside of the ocean. The basement houses the aquarium, the main floor is conference/meeting areas and gift shop, and the upper levels are actual museum. A rooftop restaurant provides some great views. We thought for sure it must have originally built for some other purpose but apparently it wasn't, thanks to Prince Albert I who was fascinated by ocean creatures. Andrew got some really great photographs.

After the aquarium, we wandered around the rest of the Rock of Monaco area (the "old town") which also includes the Prince's palace and the cathedral.  

The Oceanographic Museum and aquarium situated on the cliff's edge of the Rock of Monaco.
One of the museum floors.
The Cathedral
Monaco harbour
At the palace.
Police scooters
The Rock of Monaco
In Nice we went to the Parc Phoenix, CastleHill, wandered the waterfront and back streets and, for lack of anything better to do, went to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. While I liked the funky dinosaur statue outside the Museum, I'm afraid neither Andrew or I are connoisseurs of modern art. We both thought most of it was downright strange.   
At Parc Phoenix

Posing for the camera.
At the bottom of Castle Hill
View from Castle Hill
Nice harbour, from Castle Hill
There was a lot of artwork like this throughout the city.
Rooftops - view from Castle Hill
The quiet back streets.

Funky dinosaur statue in front of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
I'm a great proponent of supporting local businesses but I have to admit that I'm also a Starbucks fan and do love a good strong chai tea. Starbucks delivers! Spicy chai with half hot water and half steamed milk is my comfort food. I make it at home all the time. After almost a month in Corsica without, I'm happy to be back in Starbucks land and relax with my tea!

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