Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Zoo, a Winery and Rock Climbing

A couple days of too high winds to even think about flying. What to do . . .

Not surprisingly, we went to the zoo!
This big handsome guy was lazing in the sun, taking a short break from washing his paws when I took this photo.
Signs of life . . . a swishing tail, the occasional half opening of eyes and the deep rise and fall of his chest.
Amongst several interesting initiatives was "Wild About Health" . . . a partnership between the zoo and the Department of Public Health to promote healthy eating and staying physically active. 
Also not surprisingly, we visited a winery. La Viña is the oldest winery in New Mexico. 
One of the bottles we purchased at the winery but then took to a BYOB Italian restaurant.
Surprisingly, on the second no-fly day we used our sadly neglected rock climbing gear and skills. Neglected since paragliding took over our lives! 

Sneed's Cory is a tiny cliff area with about a dozen routes just below the Agave Hill paragliding launch and a 5 minute walk from the parking lot. 

It was a bit cool in the morning shade . . . Andrew liked my jacket! :-) 

Many of the routes were overhanging and even the ones that were relatively easy had awkward bulges to muscle over. Our fingers didn't last long but we had fun and realized how much we miss climbing! Life requires balance even in outdoor activities. 
There's a good hold here somewhere!
Andrew preparing to rappel off. 

Mid afternoon we headed over to the Sod Farm and thought we might practice higher-wind kiting. I didn't even get my glider out of the bag. I held on to Andrew's harness to keep him from getting dragged or lifted off the ground while he brought the glider up a few times. Good practice and experience but wish the wind speed was more conducive to the mid-range practice and experience! 

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