Thursday, 27 September 2012

Swimming with Sea Lions

Despite threat of a potential tropical storm, we had an absolutely stellar day yesterday! We'd met up with Andrew's sisters, Penny & Clare, in Loreto the day before, stashed all our scuba and camping gear with Joel (pronouncing the "J" the Spanish way, "Ho-el") who will be our kayaking guide later in the trip, and met up with Rafael at Dolphin Dive to arrange a snorkelling trip out to Coronado Island.

Again, we saw lots of birds along the way including several blue-footed boobies. I'd forgotten about them being around here!

The sea lions were out in abundance. Rafael says their population is growing over the years and they're becoming more playful. We certainly had fun snorkelling with them!

Our boat driver, Ramon, was on the lookout for dolphins for us and we first came upon a few female dolphins protecting their babies so we quickly left them alone. A little further along though, we came upon a whole pod of them. They are such graceful, elegant creatures!

The Boss!

Playful and curious 

This guy came straight at me and then ducked away at the last second. This is all I caught of him on camera! Filled my mask with water due to laughing at his teasing!
The McKinlay siblings . . . Andrew, Penny, Clare

The acrobats!

As always, photos taken with my little Lumix camera. I expect Andrew will have some good ones of the dolphins!

Just found out there was an earthquake yesterday not far from us! We had no clue! 

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