Friday, 28 September 2012

Car Snorkelling???

Row, row, row your car,
Gently down the street,
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.

We've had a crazy couple of weather days! Rain, rain and more rain . . . which is extremely rare for Baja and which has made the desert a very green place.

Yesterday we spent most of the day in & around the hotel. It was actually quite lovely to have a nice relaxing day of reading and writing. And the rain cooled things off a bit which was also nice.
A watery street in Loreto.
Today we were scheduled to drive to La Paz though and away we went. All was fine for the first couple hours (while Andrew was driving!) but as we got further south the areas where water covered the road became more frequent. Most of them were quite manageable but I was happy to have cars in front of me test the waters (pun intended) first.

As we got within a few kilometres of La Paz traffic was backed up but still moving very slowly. We weren't sure if it was water or perhaps a traffic accident. It took us  an hour to drive 2 km and through a stretch of deep water about 150 meters long. I was very worried we weren't going to make it through as it was quite deep as well!

Typical of impatient drivers, especially the ones with big trucks that can negotiate ditches and curbs, a couple of them went into the lanes for northbound traffic, trying to get ahead of everyone. Not taking into consideration that the northbound traffic is still trying to get through -- and not really caring until the police came along and put a stop to it. But by then a whole bunch had followed their lead until there was a long, long lineup of vehicles in the wrong lane.

Big truck budging in line! Grrrrr . . . .
Police on the way to organize stupid drivers. 
Are we going to make it?
Through the worst of it.

Long story short, we made it to La Paz. We had a short respite but now it's pouring again and our hotel owner says she hasn't seen rain like this in 15 years!

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