Monday, 18 March 2013

Train Trip 2013 - Chicago to Minot to Home Sweet Home

And it kept getting snowier and snowier and . . . brrrr, what a cold bleak landscape looking out the window of the train as we rode across Minnesota and North Dakota! I certainly haven’t missed that the past few weeks. 

After arriving back in Minot we got our car from the long-term parking area at the airport. There actually wasn't as much snow on it as we'd anticipated (no doubt due to wind) and we breathed a sigh of relief when it started no problem after being parked for six weeks.

The roads were in good shape the whole way home, despite travel advisories closer to Saskatoon. We were shocked by the amount of snow in our yard! Is it really six weeks later??? Thank goodness for a wonderful sister-in-law who looked after our place and awesome neighbours who are keen snow shovelers.

As much as I love travelling . . .  it's always great to be home again! 

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