Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Train Trip 2013 - Charlottesville to Baltimore

Daylight saving almost got us into trouble! We didn't realize the time change was happening this weekend. Thank goodness for comments on Facebook and a couple other subtle hints that clued us in. However, no harm done as the train was delayed by 5 hours (apparently hit someone/something) so we decided to go Greyhound instead and ended up in Baltimore only an hour later than we had originally planned.

Surprise, surprise, we went to the aquarium here! Three large buildings and some good displays, well worth the visit, but Monterey is still our favourite. I love Andrew's very cute photos of the turtle and the tamarin monkey!
The entrance area of the aquarium . . . it made me want to go climbing! :-) 
We were very impressed with the Barnes & Noble location in the old power plant (along with the Hard Rock Cafe, a seafood restaurant, and office space). Great old building and I loved the smoke stacks up the middle of it.

Old smokestacks going up the middle of Barnes & Noble and office spaces.
Inside Barnes & Noble
We had a view of the harbour from our evening dining location and saw several police patrols. The Baltimore Police have a very cute little electric car that they use in the harbour walk area. I'm not sure the word "cute" should be used in reference to a police vehicle but I think it fits! Unfortunately I'm struggling to find a photo of it -- even on the Baltimore Police website!

One small section of the Baltimore Harbour area. Triangular building on the left is one of the aquarium buildings.

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