Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Train Trip 2013 - Jacksonville to Savannah and Charleston

I love cities with river trails/walkways, big old trees, and historical buildings. Savannah and Charleston have lots of all those things. And there is so much history!

We did a lot of walking in both cities, took a trolly tour in Savannah, and went to the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston. The aquarium was small but very good and the staff and volunteers were excellent! Andrew posted photos from the aquarium.

Lovely old homes in Savannah
New home of the Savannah animal hospital. Wow! 
Cotton Exchange building in Savannah
The Circular Church in Charleston
There's a beautiful "gateway walk" between several churches and graveyards in Charleston
Another amazing looking old church in Charleston
Lots of restoration/renovation projects require a very cool trash bin
The Amtrak stations in Jacksonville, Savannah and Charleston are nothing to write home about. All are on the outskirts of the city and are relatively new buildings. Again, not amongst America's great stations. There are talks in the works to relocate Amtrak back to the historic Jacksonville Union Station and incorporate a central transportation hub. Unfortunately the "vision" is estimated to cost $180 million with no funding sources in sight.

Savannah's original train station, built in 1902, was built in Spanish style and featured an octagonal rotunda measuring 80 feet in diameter. Sadly, it was demolished to make way for an interstate highway exchange.

Charleston Union Station was built in 1907 and featured "a beautiful double-towered edifice" but caught fire and burned down 40 years later in 1947. Unfortunately the new station is in a totally different location, miles away from the center of the city.

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