Thursday, 3 March 2016

Costa Rica Paragliding 2

We've been flying the past few days at Dominical and have had some really good flights! When the wind is right, you get great lift right off of launch and can soar along the ridge and/or thermal up. If you don't get any lift or when the wind starts to back off to a point that you get below launch, you have to head to the beach which is about 3+ km away. There's a soccer field to bail out on but luckily we haven't had to use it.

Photos are from five different flights. Andrew's had six flights here as of yesterday; I didn't do a second one in the afternoon due to cough/cold/headache. Feeling somewhat better today!
The launch site. 
Andrew taking off.
In the air, just after takeoff. 
First turn after takeoff.

Dominicalito Beach on the left, Domincal Beach on the right. We usually landed at Dominicalito after first flight as it's closer to get back to launch again, and then Dominical (where our hotel is) after the second flight.

Gorgeous views!
Andrew coming in for landing.

Safe on the ground!
Cows in the LZ.

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