Monday, 7 March 2016

Costa Rica Paragliding 3

Caldera was on!

After a few days in Dominical, we headed back north to fly at Caldera. It was very busy with tandem flights (two pilots doing tandem after tandem all afternoon long) but there were only about four solo pilots so despite there being a lot of people hanging around at launch, it wasn't that busy in the air.

I really liked this site once I got well above the ridge line and didn't have to worry about trees. And it's a pretty easy bail-out to the official landing zone or the beach so, relatively speaking, was reasonably stress free.

Most of the photos are of Andrew (red, white and yellow wing).

We mostly flew along the front ridge but, with enough height, we were able to head over to the point
(near the lower greenish coloured glider).
If you look closely, you can see 4-5 gliders just left of centre of the photo.

I just happened to luck out getting the other glider and the boat in the photo with me!
The official landing zone is just to the left of the buildings (yes, a cow pasture) but all of us landed on the beach.
The launch site is very nice.  An area with shade and a nice restaurant too! The very experienced tandem pilots top-landed which looked very tricky and required a tremendous amount of skill! 
The launch site is the bare patch along the ridge; the best lift was at the far end of the ridge; when we got enough height we flew over to the point where this photo is taken from. I came in for landing soon after taking this photo. 

We thought there might be opportunity for a second flight but wind shifted and the clouds came in.
All in all, a great day of flying!

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