Saturday, 12 March 2016

Costa Rica Paragliding 4

During our last few days of paragliding we stopped at Hacienda Baru (near Dominical) and went through their butterfly garden. I got a few decent photos of flowers while Andrew concentrated mostly on the butterflies. We also went to Reptilandia (which sounds sort of hokey but was actually really good!) I left the photography to Andrew on that one.

We flew a few more times at Dominical and Hatillo. Dominical is definitely my favourite for the beach landings and the last couple flights there I managed to catch some great thermals! Sadly, this may be one of the last years this site is available due to the land where the launch is being developed and some of the owners not really being paragliding friendly.

It's unbelievable how hot is is here! Sweating is a constant state and even immediately after having a shower it doesn't take much movement to sweat again! The past couple days my shirt and pants feel just as damp after I've rinsed them out at the end of the day as before I rinse them!

We now have another six days here and will be heading down to the Oso Peninsula for some bird watching and hiking. Will be good to relax a bit more although I'm sure we'll sweat just as much!

I really liked this flower for the design on one petal and not the others. I thought it was very unique but Andrew tells me a similar flower can be found at Innovation Place in Saskatoon. 
There are many different kinds of passion flowers in Costa Rica.

The skies at Dominical were busy a couple days with both tandem and solo pilots. Fun to take photos with more gliders in the air!

Andrew about to land on the beach.

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