Saturday, 23 November 2013

Dixon Hill Lighthouse - San Salvador

On our last afternoon in San Salvador Andrew and I rented a car and drove the ~55 km around the island. The most interesting stop was the Dixon Hill Lighthouse.

"Built in 1887 on a former plantation owned by John Dixon, this lighthouse is still occupied and operated by lighthouse keepers who refuel the 400,000 candle powered lighthouse by hand every 2 hours and 15 minutes. It stands 163 feet above sea level, with a visibility of 19 miles, and is one of the most visited landmarks on the island. It is one of the few remaining manually-operated lighthouses in the world and one of only three of its type in The Islands Of The Bahamas."

The winding steps to the top.
Looking at the lens.

Some funky patterns in the light of the lens.

Panorama view from the top.
Looking west toward the ocean.
Another panorama view.
There are a lot of inland lakes on the island.
WD-40 and oil . . . what more do you need?

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