Sunday, 10 November 2013

Old Montreal

It's a good thing I have the English language somewhat mastered. I can't believe how many times I said (or wanted to say) "Si" and "Gracias" during our time in Montreal!

We had two nights here (one full day) to break up the first part of our trip. It was a cloudy rainy day so we didn't get out walking as much as we would have liked but it was a good day visiting the Biodome in the morning and Notre Dame Basilica in the afternoon.

The Biodome was originally the Olympic Velodrome and there are numerous other former Olympic facilities in the immediate area. It's a huge and varied facility. Given the number of excited kids there on a rainy Sunday it's obviously popular with all ages.

Andrew's new friend.
Slightly off topic . . . Rain . . . does anyone else ever fear being poked in the eye with an umbrella?? Seriously, hardly anyone carries an umbrella in Saskatoon but when I go to places like Vancouver (and now Montreal) I feel like I should have safety glasses on.

Outside of the Biodome
 I love old buildings and Montreal certainly does not disappoint in that regard!

An old abandoned building. Hopefully it gets restored!
Looking down Rue de Notre Dame

Three gossipy ladies.
These photos don't do it justice but the inside of Notre Dame Basilica is absolutely stunning! (See Andrew's photos on his blog!)

Ceiling centrepiece
I wish I could have heard the organ being played.

The outside of Notre Dame
We stayed at the very lovely Auberge du Vieux Port where Andrew has stayed on previous visits. 

Thank goodness we're not really on a budget or on a diet! The first night we had supper at Taverne Gaspar (the restaurant attached to the hotel so we didn't have far to go once settle into our room) and tonight we went to Barroco which had one of the best squash soups I've ever tasted! Not to mention the profiteroles with dark chocolate and toasted almonds for dessert.

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