Wednesday, 8 October 2014

All the Animals in the Zoo

Dear Karsten,

I missed you at the zoo! I would have loved for you to see all the different animals. But Uncle Andrew and I took lots of pictures for your mommy and daddy to show you.

There were lots of deer and these two were very curious about us. Or maybe hoping we would have some food for them! Can you see their horns? They are called a four-horned deer but you really only see two of them. The other two are smaller bumps in front of their main horns.

The white pelicans look the same as the ones we see at the weir but are a different species. 

They have a nice big pond to swim in. People can also rent little boats to paddle around the water. The water has lots of algae in it which is why it looks so green. 

First time I've seen a hippo out of the water! Usually all you see are their noses. He has a big mouth! Uncle Andrew got a funny photo of all the hippo's teeth. 

This rhinoceros was having a bath. Can you see his horn?  Another one was thinking about having a bath but then went to play with a stick.

There were lots of very brightly coloured birds. It was hard to get photos of them because of the wire fenced areas they were in.

The ostriches with their long necks are funny to look at.

 I think this giant turtle is bigger than you are!

And the elephant is even bigger! In the afternoon they let people ride the elephant but we were there in the morning so didn't get to do that. You have to climb a ladder to the top of a platform and the elephant walks up beside it so that you can get on for the ride.

 The elephant has BIG FEET.

And a big trunk for gathering things to eat.

All the animals had nice big pens to live in and were well taken care of. There is a children's play area and there were lots of kids and their families visiting the zoo.

I hope you like these pictures!

Love Auntie Shelley

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