Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hong Kong - Random Thoughts and Photos

Andrew and I have enjoyed visiting Hong Kong but are now ready to move on to Kathmandu! I'm excited! Although it will be my fourth time (Andrew's fifth) in Nepal, it's been way too long! After a few days in Kathmandu itself, it will be great to get onto the trek which the main purpose of our whole trip.

This morning we were able to check our bags in at the in-town airport check-in at Hong Kong station.  A fabulous service when your flight doesn't leave until evening. We've had a great experience in Hong Kong. Very friendly and helpful people and, despite all that's on the TV news and in the papers, have seen very little of the Occupy Central activities.

We like our new Arc'teryx duffles and after the trekking we will leave some stuff behind,
send other stuff home via FedEx, and then they will much lighter and smaller for the remainder of our journey!
Here's some other random thoughts and photos . . .

I have never seen so many people walking with their heads down, looking at their phones! It's seriously epidemic proportions here and amazing that more people don't run into each other. The escalators even have recordings and signs telling people to pay attention and watch the moving steps instead of their phones!

If the fashions I see people wearing are fashionable . . . apparently, I have zero fashion sense. I wouldn't leave the house in the some of the clothes and wouldn't be able to walk to the end of the driveway in the shoes!

A very crowded two-storey Apple store. So many people! Has no one ever heard of on-line shopping? And this wasn't even on Saturday which I'm sure was even busier if the rest of the city was any indication.

The "Travelator" is a popular way to travel several steep uphill city blocks and, in the heat and humidity, was very appreciated by us!

In the walkway to get to the "Travelator" these paintings on the walls and pillars are fun and colourful. The kids theme reminded me of my favourite 3-year-old.

At the botanical gardens and zoo, various animals held up the benches.

Garbage can in the children's play area of the zoo. 

Walking pebbles . . . by the end of each day's endless miles of walking, I think this would have felt good on the feet!

The clock tower in Kowloon.

Our apartment was in the trendy SoHo area near lots of restaurants and bars. We ate at two great vegetarian restaurants (Herbivore and Life), an Italian restaurant and had authentic Chinese cuisine at Ho Lee Fook restaurant which was just a couple doors down from WTF Tapas Bar. Humorous!

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