Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Paragliding Fun

Andrew posted photos from our first full day . . . now it's my turn.

In the morning, the wind was again appropriate for us beginners to do several flights off the top of the training hill.

Shortly after noon the wind picked up a bit and, after lunch, we spent the rest of the day reverse kiting. Although we both did better at it today, it was still an exercise in frustration.

One of our instructors did a demo and he made it look so easy!!! When our canopy lines get so muddled up they look like spaghetti that we think will never untangle . . . they just come over, pick a couple lines, give them a couple pulls and . . . voila! No more tangles! They both pointed out how long they've been doing the sport though and one of them has won paragliding aerobatics competitions and is a stunt pilot. They assure us we're doing okay for Day 2.

Ready, set, go!
Run, run, run!
Enjoy the view!

Get ready for the "flare."
A gentle landing.
It doesn't always look this pretty!

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