Sunday, 1 March 2015

Red Rocks to Ojai

After our last day of climbing at Red Rocks on Friday we started heading further west. We first stopped just an hour away, had a great supper at Symphony's Restaurant at the Pahrump Valley Winery and spent the night in one of the cottages at Wine Ridge RV Resort and Cottages next door.

Sunshine and wine.
The next day we continued meandering westward. We try to stay off the interstates and other main highways and are always rewarded by interesting landscape and the ability to stop and take photos pretty much anywhere.

Well, ok, for Andrew to take photos pretty much anywhere and for me to take photos of Andrew taking photos. It was a cloudy and sometimes rainy day so the sky was quite amazing.

At one location there were rows and rows of these flowering trees dropping their petals so quickly that it looked like snow on the ground.

Where in the world is Andrew?

Driving along a very winding road just before getting to Ojai, the combination of sunshine, rain and clouds created drama at every turn!

I know Andrew will have some excellent photos from this part of the journey! 

Stay tuned for our next adventures in Santa Barbara.  :-)

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