Thursday, 11 May 2017

Flying Woodside

After two long days of driving, our first stop was FlyBC Paragliding near Chilliwack (or, as Ms. Google pronounces it, "Chili Whack"). 

Within minutes of arriving, we jumped in a truck with one of the locals and headed up to Mt. Woodside launch. It was cloudy so we weren't expecting much but it was surprisingly thermic and Andrew and I both had great flights. It was the first time Andrew flew his new wing (an Ozone Geo 5) so he was pretty happy for an hour and a half in the air. 

It was still cloudy the next day and no thermals but we managed to get in three sled rides (basically just going from launch straight to landing) of about 10 minutes each. It was very busy as Jim had both students and an instructors' course going on. Nothing like being stuffed in a van with 13 guys and 14 wings to remind me that I'm in yet another male dominated sport! 

Despite the clouds and the haze in the distance, the scenery in the Fraser Valley is always gorgeous! 

The bulls eye LZ is right and lower third of the photo.
Andrew and his new wing!
The typical boot and view shot!
Getting closer to the LZ.
They're not looking at me! I happened to be standing by the wind sock and they're watching it, waiting for a good cycle of wind. Very light so most people were doing forward launches.
Run, run, run!

Andrew setting up for landing.

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