Sunday, 14 May 2017

Victoria Favourites

Victoria, BC, is a beautiful city. Andrew and I stopped by to attend a concert that his sister, Clare, was singing in. She's part of the Victoria Freedom Gospel Choir and the concert was very good!

We spent a couple days wandering and visiting some of our favourite spots.

Colourful houseboats and dramatic skies at Fisherman's Wharf.
Transportation by water taxi.
Spring flowers and walking around the harbour trails.
Watching the harbour activity as we walk. A whale watching boat, a float plane and a water taxi.
Coffee and a delicious snack at Fol Epi Organic Bakery at Dockside Green.
Lunch at Rebar . . . (great vegetarian options!)
. . . and testing out a new local cider.
Visiting the locals at Beacon Hill Park
The Lookout hill at Beacon Hill Park (have to remember this photo for Canada Day!)
Walking along the ocean paths below Dallas Road.
These cliffs at Dallas Road are soarable (i.e. paragliding) in the right conditions but with a wooden fence at the top of the cliff, a walkway and so many pedestrians, it seems a bit sketchy! 
Driving out to Sea Cider and visiting some other nearby wineries. 
Andrew got some excellent photos during our wanderings, especially of all the spring flowers and the birds bathing.  

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