Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Pulling Strings

I often find it difficult to figure out what to get people for their birthdays. I don't like getting "things" that aren't needed. This time, all the stars aligned (the timing of Andrew and I being in BC, weather, wind, and availability of all the other required parties) and my niece, Julie, and her boyfriend, Kurt, were able to get tandem paragliding flights! Or, as Julie says, "My aunt pulled some strings (pun intended) to get us flights." :-) 

Thanks to Jim and Colleen at FlyBC Paragliding for helping to make this happen! 

At launch, looking over the Fraser Valley.
Contemplating what's to come. Big family crowds waiting to watch relatives take tandem flights.
It's not always this busy at launch!
And . . . they're off!
Jim and Julie in the air.

Doing a little spiral downwards.
Kurt looking relaxed!
Kurt and Colleen above my wing.
Kurt and Colleen coming in to land.
Whew! Safe back on the ground! 

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