Thursday, 8 February 2018

A Day in Macau

We decided to head over to Macau for the day, a place we hadn't been to before. The TurboJet ferries leave every 15 minutes so it's an easy hour-long boat ride over. Unfortunately, not much of a view though as the windows were quite dirty and they get splashed constantly with sea water.

Rabbit Lantern exhibition in Macau
It was a bit of a challenge to walk from the ferry terminal to some of the historic sites but we eventually found a walking route across a maze of busy streets that line the harbour front. (We took a shuttle bus back.) 

Our first stop was the Ruins of St. Paul's, a church that was built in the early1600's. The ruins, and this one front wall, were restored from 1990-1995. 

Mount Fortress is right beside the church and built a few years later to protect Macau from pirate attacks from the sea and was key to resisting the attempted Dutch invasion in 1622.

On a much more modern note, the architecture and design of the Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino is completely over the top and made for some interesting photos. 

The window washers at the Wynn Hotel have a never-ending job!
Andrew's reflection fascination is rubbing off on me.
Chinese New Year's is coming soon!

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