Thursday, 8 February 2018

Victoria Peak and Nan Lian Gardens

It's amazing that, in a city filled with masses of people, in just a few minutes you can get to a place where you all you can hear are the birds singing and the leaves rustling amongst the trees. This place is Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. Sure, it only lasts for a short time but it's peaceful and the views are amazing.

We went through the peak gardens and to the highest point of the peak where where is a lookout and then found a side trail to get us back to the main trail that goes around the peak.

A quiet side trail on Victoria Peak.
View from the highest lookout. A cloudy, hazy day.
Looking down on some of the Central Hong Kong high-rises and over to Kowloon.
Details on a high-rise building
Reflections in a mirrored wall of Central high-rise.
We were leaving Hong Kong in the evening so we took all our luggage to the Airport Express Station in Central Hong Kong in the morning (Which is awesome! Drop bags off early and don't have to deal with them at the airport.) and then took the subway over to Kowloon where we went to the Nan Lian Gardens and Chi Lin Nunnery

On the way to Kowloon, Andrew and I had one of those classic movie moments where one person (Andrew) gets on the subway at the last moment and the doors close with the other person (me) still standing on the platform! Luckily, we'd just discussed where we needed to switch lines; I mouthed the words "Mong Kok" to confirm with Andrew which station we would meet at and only a few minutes later we were reunited! 

At Nan Lian Gardens -- again such a contrast between old and new, peace and chaos.
Transplanting at the gardens.

A spotted dove
Intricate designs on the roof of the nunnery.

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