Wednesday, 27 June 2018

June Road Trip (2)

We meandered through Yellowstone National Park en route to Wyoming -- where Andrew had scoped out a couple more potential flying sites he wanted to check out. 

We saw lots of wild and not-so-wild life in a couple short hikes. Once out of the park, we took roads less travelled and it's amazing how much more wildlife you see on the backroads! 

Food and squawking!
Tourist trail rides in the park.
Small creatures . . . 
And very big creatures!
An osprey mom and one of her babies. We saw a few heads pop up from the nest but it was hard to catch more than one at a time on camera. Papa osprey was hunting nearby.
Baby pronghorn. Mom was keeping a watchful eye on us.
Andrew hiking up a hill near Cody, WY. He ended up walking back down due to high and cross wind.
Good decision making! 
Meanwhile, I took a few photos nearby of wildlife. Love the red rock in the distance. 
There were lots of wildflowers in bloom! 

On one of roads less travelled we came across Legend Rock State Petroglyph Site. They were amazingly well preserved. Definitely some of the most clear petroglyphs I've seen.

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