Saturday, 30 June 2018

June Road Trip (3)

Beautiful terrain near Five Springs Falls in Wyoming
On our way back towards home, Andrew noted a flying site that had been marked on Paragliding Earth. Which often doesn't mean much. Even Mount Blackstrap is marked! But on checking further, it looked promising.

The launch is about a two minute walk from the upper Five Springs Falls campground near Lovell, Wyoming. Fortunately for our low-clearance Prius, the road is nicely paved the whole way up the mountain.

Andrew got some great lift right off launch and had a nice 20-minute flight.

Five Springs Falls launch is about a 2 minute walk from the campground.

More back road travels that meant getting closer to more magnificent wildlife. 

Last summer, Andrew had checked out a few places near Havre, Montana, and he'd gotten some short flights off Otis Peak. There are three directions you can launch from and, sadly, the wind was coming from the fourth direction. Hike, no fly!

But Otis Peak has an amazing number of different types of wildflowers. Fourteen by my count. So beautiful and colourful!

Sticky Geranium
Bee balm/wild bergamot

Threadleaf phacelia
Hairy False Golden Aster
Wild rose
Wild rose
Rainfall put an end to our trip a day early but it was fun while it lasted! 

(Thanks to Andrew's sister, Penny, for flower identifications!)

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