Thursday, 4 December 2014

Free Stuff to Do in Hong Kong

After back-to-back 4+ hr flights from Sarong to Jakarta and then Jakarta to Hong Kong, Andrew and I took a couple more days in Hong Kong to relax before the long flight back to Canada.

I am so impressed by how many free pubic spaces there are in Hong Kong.  Places that would normally charge an entry fee anywhere else.

We really loved the hike around Victoria Peak (so peaceful in the middle of the rest of big city chaos), so headed back up there our first morning and again wandered through the zoo and botanical gardens. This zoo has the most active and noisy monkeys we've ever seen so we enjoyed sitting and watching them for a while.

Hong Kong Park, along with the walk-through aviary, plant conservatory and a couple small museums and galleries was also nearby.

The Man Po Temple was within easy walking distance of where we were staying. Unfortunately, given that it's apparently one of Hong Kong's top attractions, we expected more. But it does appear to be undergoing renovations so perhaps that was part of what detracted from it.

We also headed over to Kowloon and were very impressed with the Nan Lian Chinese Gardens  which is looked after by the nuns from the Chi Lin Nunnery.

At the Man Po Temple
At the Man Po Temple
One of many birds in the walk-through aviary in Hong Kong Park.
Very futuristic looking building! 
One of the smaller groups of turtles in Hong Kong Park.
At the Nan Lian Gardens
At the Nan Lian Gardens
Chi Lin Nunnery

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