Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Raja Ampat - Diving Scenery

I don't have an underwater camera so rely on Andrew to take the sea life photos. Internet was extremely slow at the resort so there'll be more to come but a couple highlights were diving under the mangroves and seeing the mantas. We had some great dives!

There are some strong underwater currents in this area (several drift dives!) and sometimes the visibility was only "ok" but the huge number of fish, the sheer diversity of sea life, and beautiful coral still made this one of the most amazing places we have dived.

We had very calm surface water most of the week.
One of the dive boats.
Always a smile for the camera!
Snack break between dives. Cappucino (instant), tea, Oreos and home made cake.
The only air conditioned, temperature-controlled room on the island was the camera room. A dedicated space for each diver with camera and a 27" iMac for viewing photos.
"Look! A big monitor lizard," said Andrew. "No," said our guide, "a small monitor lizard."
Stunning views from this platform. 300+ stairs to get there.
Wetsuit on, so we must be almost there! Most boat rides were about 15-30 minutes from the resort.
Dives done, heading back to the resort.

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