Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Raja Ampat - Arborek Village

After our dive with the mantas, we stopped for our between-dives break at the village of Arborek. A large colorful boat was docked there and we learned was a Conservation International boat that goes around to villages to teach them about conservation.

Arborek is already a “model village” for conservation and tourism. It has a few “home stay” options, some shops/homes selling crafts and a little store selling convenience type items.

It was fun to see the kids playing in the water and on the dock by the boat. But they took off in a flash when our boat driver starting handing out crackers left over from our snack break.

We then did our dive near and then under the jetty, which has an amazing amount of sea life including some beautiful giant clams, and the sun shining through the pillars was beautiful.

Village map - both streets named Main Street (or are main streets??)
Kids playing on the dock by Conservation International boat.
Colourful bougainvillaea trees along Main Street
The village church
Andrew holding a sprouting coconut
Another view of the jetty and boat. Kids playing in the water.
Several of the kids came to check us out. Looking so serious but huge smiles and laughs
as soon as I turned the camera to show them the photo of themselves. 

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