Thursday, 4 December 2014

Raja Ampat - Other Island Activities and Our Farewell

Besides diving and snorkelling, other activities on Pulau Pef were kayaking and hiking.

A boardwalk walk through the mangroves led to a sheltered bay where all the boats were docked when not in use. There was a longer hiking trail through another bush area but unfortunately we didn't have time, or didn't make time, to do it. 

Hiking to the top of the "mountain," which had a guiding rope and a couple ladders on the steeper parts, led to a lookout at the top. Great views down to the resort on one side and, on the other, the sheltered bay and kayaking route. We should have gone up here at sunset!
Looking down at the resort
A beautiful area to meander in a kayak.
Kayaking and exploring the passages through the many smaller islands of Pulau Pef
I'm not very good at "selfies"
Daniela, one of the guests from Switzerland, joined us on our kayak outing. She had never been in a kayak before!
Two of the "Pef Band" members heading out to say farewell.
Me, Maya (the resort owner), Arif (our excellent dive guide) & Andrew
Dancing to the music. This older gentleman in front really had the moves!
On the long boat back to Sorong
Arriving in the Port of Sorong.

Before our flight left Sorong, one of the Raja4Divers staff (who grew up on Sorong) took us to the local market. Really interesting to see and Andrew posted a few photos.

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