Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Raja Ampat - Sunrise, Sunset, Carvings and More

Carving of the Raja4Divers logo.
We had some gorgeous sunsets almost every night. Only one morning did we get a very colourful sunrise. 
Sunrise view from our bungalow. Dancing statues in the water on the left; employee on the right taking supplies
out to the dock in preparation for the first dives of the day. Gorgeous!
I bought this sarong in Singapore but it took me forever to figure out the sketches on how to wear it!
Fashion savvy I am not!!!! Give me an Ikea puzzle any day!
Six of the eight bungalows
Office building on the left (seriously can you imagine a better view from your office window???
And our bungalow on the right. 
The dancing statues at low tide.
No, this is not Andrew and I.  :-)
 It's a couple of the dancing statues at high tide and sunset.
Sprouting coconuts in an old wooden boat. 
The "thinker." Another little statue hidden amongst the vines.
The entrance to the dining hall. R4D logo carved into the doorway design.
This carving was located on to of the "happy hour" gazebo. Note the bottle of Bintang (local Indonesian beer)
 in his hands. Someone has a sense of humour!! 
Walkway to the six bungalows.
Reading and resource area of the dining hall. 
Chess anyone? More wood carvings and locally made concrete slabs.
Two of these guys guarded the shore.
Even the benches had unique carvings!

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