Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A Day in Venice

On a rainy and cloudy non-flying day we spent part of the day wandering in Venice. We'd spent the previous night at a hotel outside of Venice and took the train in.

Even though it's off season, it was very busy!! It was neat to see the famous canals and the Venetian Gondolas. Luckily we managed to find a few quiet little back alleys and a reasonably quiet place to have lunch and coffee/tea. However, we were happy to get out of the crowds at the end of the day and back into the country and smaller towns and villages.
One of many colourful flower displays on a small balcony in Venice.
Our hotel in Mogliano Veneto, out in the country near Venice.
While waiting for the train, a nearby church was just finishing its Sunday mass and
we were able to go in and hear the organ being played. Impressive!
One of the famous canals of Venice.
A quiet side street.
Lovely balcony with flowers and vines.
The Venetian Gondolas on the Grand Canal.
Interesting decor on the corner of a building.
Beautiful and colourful paintings under the arches of St. Mark's Basilica

The crowds and lineups in St. Mark's Square.
A quiet canal. I liked the look of the brick and patchwork on the right side.

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