Thursday, 13 October 2016

More Croatia and Slovenia

Makarska, Croatia

After flying and while waiting for the weather to get better, we had some time to wander around the town of Makarska and to hike along some of the oceanside trails. I can definitely see us coming back here to fly and hike and go to some of the parks and nature preserves.
The fisherman.
The inner harbour, looking towards the ridge where the launch area is.

View from one of the oceanside hiking trails. 
A boat heading into the harbour just before dark.
Entry arch to churchyard part way along a hiking trail. 
Lighthouse at the end of the harbour peninsula.
Question of the day . . . why is there a polar bear on the Croatian 5 Kuna coin? Answer: I have no clue.
Next to the fruit and vegetable stand, you can also pick up a supply of milk (your choice of goat or cow).

Zadar, Croatia

Late in the day we left Makarska and headed to Zadar, a couple hours drive north. The next morning we had time to wander in the rain. Zadar is also by the ocean and we enjoyed what I called The Ocean Symphony -- sounds made by the water pushing up agains various holes in the walkway. 

Piano key design in the benches by The Ocean Symphony
Contrasts -- old Roman ruins on display near the considerably newer Museum of Archeology building and the glass and steel of restaurants and shops.
A row of old water wells.
A small harbour area.

 Radovljica, Slovenia

The following evening we stopped in Radovljica, Slovenia. The hotel we stayed at had a definite Austrian feeling to it. Again, we had time to wander for a bit in the morning before moving on.
My flower boxes at home never look this nice. Oh, right. You're supposed to water them! :-) 
Trying to find the start of a hiking trail took us through the train stop. 
We found a dirt road leading to the river. We weren't sure if this was supposed to be part of the hiking trail or not.
Found it! 
Beautiful scenery on by the riverside.
Lovely bonsai outside the church.
The street our hotel was on. Mostly closed off to vehicles which was nice.
With the weather actually looking better near the flying site of Lijack, we backtracked but although the sky was mostly clear when we got there it was very windy! Definitely too windy for paragliding. It's actually amazing it was clear at all as we'd encountered a lot of rain before then and more rain and snow as we got closer to Salzburg. This was the end of the paragliding part of the trip. Such great flying!

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