Thursday, 20 October 2016


The walled "old town" of Bonifacio.
From Bastia and Cap Corse, we headed down the east coast of Corsica on the outer edge of the Biguglia (lagoon) and stopped at the nature preserve. It was a cloudy day and rained most of the way.

Penny, Clare and Andrew watching the ducks.
After checking into our hotel a short distance from Bonifacio, we headed into the town. Our first views of the harbour and the huge walls of the city had us all gasping. Lots of "wow" factor that the photos don't do justice to. 

The town is built on a high rocky peninsula. Hopefully erosion isn't too quick because many of the buildings look like they're about to fall in the water. There's a lot of history to this small but dramatic piece of land, dating back to prehistoric times 6350 years BC. It's changed hands and been fought over many times! Rome, Pisa, Genoa, Aragon, Spain and France are some of the main warriors, with France being the proud owner since 1768. The many ways the city was defended (or not) is very interesting. 

We first took an hour long boat ride around the coastline (very rough waters due to wind!) and then headed up to the city in the afternoon. There's lots of shops, restaurants, a couple churches, old abandoned barracks and much more. It's also home to about 2800 people. Several open doors showed the steep narrow stairwells leading up to apartments. Definitely close and small quarters!
The buildings look like they'll fall off the cliffs at any moment.
The King of Aragon's Stairway gives access to a natural grotto.
In days gone by, the locals used it to access fresh rainwater.
187 steps, 65m high
Almost like a ladder.
Along the bottom of the cliffs via the stairway.
Narrow residential streets inside the old city. Home to about 2800 people.
This seagull was a serious poser! He waited patiently while everyone took his photo. 
View down to the harbour from the top of the walled city.
The ramp and draw bridge leading into the city.
I liked the old shutters, the balcony railing and the plants.
The iron on the corner of the building opposite added an interesting feature. 
Another view of the city walls leading up to the drawbridge.

On the following day we went for a drive to see some more of the coastal area; checked out some of the beaches and found our way around to a plateau where we could see across to the walled city. Again, the photo does not do it justice. 

Clare, Penny and Andrew at one of the local beaches.
Penny looking like she has a definite place to go!
Andrew checking for sea life.
Clare enjoying the view.
The strong winds were perfect for wind surfing and kite surfing. We saw lots of both.
And I was happy to find an off-road trail for a morning run.

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