Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Calvi and Area

Family holiday -- Andrew and his sisters Penny and Clare
Calvi was the last stop on our McKinlay family holiday and probably the place I've liked the best so far in our Corsica travels. First, it was warm! However, that was simply due to the weather improving and had nothing to do with place but it definitely made things more comfortable and more like what we had expected for temperature.

Our driving tour in the area was once again along extremely winding narrow roads, some with very sharp cliff drop offs, and usually with a great ocean view. Luckily there were a few viewpoints where we could stop and get a better look around.

The town itself is smaller (than Bastia or Ajaccio) and very walkable around the downtown and port area. Our hotel was just outside the downtown area, close to the train station (Penny and Clare continued their journey from here back to Bastia), close to the waterfront and to places to eat. In the other direction it was close to the supermarket where Andrew and I bought supplies for our upcoming hike.

We spent a day driving an artisans and wine route. Being fairly late in the season, a lot of the artisans were closed and we only found one winery. However, the little town of Pigna, known for music, was a pleasant surprise. And the woman at the winery was very informative.
The Citadel in Calvi, also referred to as the "Upper City" -- as opposed to the rest of the town, or "Lower City"
The harbour area from the Citadel
Vines on the Citadel wall

The vines taking over!
Andrew taking photos from the wall of the Citadel. This give some perspective of how wide they are.

Inside dome of one of the cathedrals.
Christopher Columbus outside the Citadel. Calvi claims to be the birthplace of Columbus but apparently there is some dispute about this.
Our beautiful Hotel L'Abbaye in Calvi

Clare at our lovely lunch spot, with a view out to the ocean, in the little village of Pigna.
A walkway in Pigna.

Pigna is known for being a musical village and this little store had both classy and humorous music boxes.

Look at those tonsils! Humorous . . . 
A change from the usual blue doors and window shutters, this church in a hillside village had an old worn red door.
A hazy fall day in Galeria.

Andrew and I are now looking forward to starting our hike on the Mare e Monti trail tomorrow! 

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