Sunday, 24 September 2017

San Luis Obispo and Avila Beach

From Dunlap, we headed back towards the coast. San Luis Obispo is on the Amtrak route and we've enjoyed stopping here on our various train trips.
The Cat and the Fiddle -- in San Luis Obispo
There's a small creek that runs though the town and a couple nice restaurants that over look it. We really like Novo
At Novo Restaurant

We enjoyed this local cider. All the labels featured a bear doing various sports.
Skydiving and bike riding on these two bottles. 
A cool drawing on the backside of the label. 

The San Luis Obispo Botanical Gardens is fairly small but the expansion trails have been started and mapped out. What has been done so far is really nice!

This sun dial was quite accurate! Stand on the month marker in the middle and hold your arms/hands together above your head and your shadow points to the time. 
Our next stop was Avila Beach. It's a coastal paragliding site but the winds were very strong and completely the wrong direction while we were there. We visited the Central Coast Aquarium and it was really good. Highly recommended! Only two rooms and a few tanks in addition to touch tanks but the volunteers were excellent! Friendly and knowledgable.
A baby shark, born to a couple larger sharks in the aquarium.

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